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At 4-9s Fine Men’s Salons we are committed to providing the most refined and highest quality of service to our clients. Our clients deserve no less than the Gold Standard, creating an experience unlike any other.

Four Nines Fine (999.9%) gold is among the purest forms of refined, investment-grade gold available in the world. Measuring the purity of gold is both an art form and a science reserved for the elite artisans.

Consequently, looking your best requires more than just a haircut. We are always committed to creating an experience unlike any other for our customers. We know that looking your best requires more than just a haircut. Finally we offer a full range of services. Hair salons aren’t just for women; experience the best in men’s grooming.

The Gold Standard -> Look “4-9s Fine.”


Salon Services for Men

Glamour and beauty is not limited to the women’s world today, impeccable men’s grooming and related treatments have come of age. In fact, men are as concerned about looking and feeling good as their female counterparts around the world.

At 4-9s Fine Men’s Salons, Flower Mound Texas, our goal is to impart a touch of class and improved looks to the modern man. We offer a wide range of services that includes but is not limited to haircut and styling, straight razor shaves, skin rejuvenation treatments, waxing and hair coloring and grey blending.

Our stylists are recruited from the best in the field of men’s grooming and have long years of experience behind them. We at 4-9s are therefore able to offer superior services that are customized for individual looks and style.

Enjoy the ambience and the comfort of semi-private stations while we give a complete grooming makeover. Our clients always keep coming back for more.