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4-9s Fine Men’s Salons

At 4-9s Fine Men’s Salons, we are committed to providing the most refined and highest quality of service to our clients. Our clients deserve no less than the Gold Standard, creating an experience unlike any other.

4-9s spelled out as Four Nines which numerically is 999.9% rating of gold is among the purest forms of refined, investment-grade gold available in the world. Measuring the purity of gold is both an art form and a science reserved for the elite artisans.

Consequently, looking your best requires more than just a haircut. We are always committed to creating an experience unlike any other for our customers. We know that looking your best requires more than just a haircut. Finally, we offer a full range of services. Hair salons aren’t just for women; experience the best in men’s grooming.

The Gold Standard -> Look “4-9s Fine” …

Services include but not limited to:

  • Waxing Treatments Customized For Men
    • Hand crafted haircuts traditional and trendy styles
      • Facial, Nails, and Feet Treatments
        • Grey Blending, Highlights, and Coloring
          • Straight Razor Shaves, Beard Trim and Treatments
            • Scalp Treatments To Combat Hair Loss

Reinventing Men's Barbershop

We’ve reinvented the barber shop experience and how you should feel when you join us to complete your grooming services.

When you step into a 4-9s, you can expect to be given the attention you deserve. The special care and first class experience does not stop when you walk out the door.
During your appointment, our barbers and hair stylists will provide your desired service along with a prescription of products to help you maintain your new look when you leave. You can be rest assured, you have all you need to duplicate your hair style at the convenience of your home.