Scalp Treatments - 4-9s Fine Mens Salon

How well are you treating your scalp?

A healthy scalp is a key ingredient to a healthy head of hair! Making sure that you take care of your scalp is an essential step
in looking your best. There’s so many reasons that may cause unhealthy scalp as sunburns, hair products that can burn your scalp, or even your diet.
Some may say having a dry scalp and dandruff isn’t so bad, however it may alter that look that you’ve been trying to achieve.
Not exactly an attractive look to that classy, black shirt or coat you’re sporting.

At 4-9s, not only do we have what you need to get that scalp healthy again, we offer a complete experience that’s reminiscent
of the barbershops of old. Come for a refreshing drink and let our professional staff specialized in men’s grooming do what they do best,
making sure you look great and feel even better.

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