Hello, my name is Carlos, I’m the newest addition to the FOA (Front Office Ambassador) team here at 4-9s. I recently moved to the Denton / Flower Mound area about 2 months ago. My favorite thing about the job is getting to interact with all the people who visit us. When I’m not working, I’m either in class (not right now, I’m out for the summer), at home or enjoying a night on the town. I love watching movies, reading comics / books, playing video games, going out and taking pictures or just simply enjoying good company.


Front Office Ambassador - FOA

Hey ya’ll! I’m Rachel! I just moved to the DFW area in February from Mississippi. I am the Front Office Ambassador here at 4-9’s. I love people, and I love serving others! My favorite part about my job is being able to interact with all of you guys! My second favorite part of my job would be the marketing side of it. Creating new ideas, social media, etc. Outside of work, I love to take pictures of nature, lay out by the pool, go fishing, and of course, go shopping.


Front Office Ambassador - FOA

I have been in the salon industry 3 years. Ever since I was in school I knew I wanted to be an exclusive men’s hair stylist professional. Every male client that came to our school almost always got booked with me because I wanted that practice to really sharpen my skills. It wasn’t until I graduated and joined a high end men’s salon in Plano that I really fell in love with cutting men’s hair. When I started there I was further trained by a barber who had been in the industry for 46 years. She taught me everything she knew. From there I began to enjoy working mostly with shears. I love a good fade, however I love the way a shear cut sits on the head, and I love how artistic and hand crafted they can be. I love talking with my clients and figuring out what is the best style and cut for them. I try my hardest the do haircuts that are completely tailored to the individual in my chair. I really love doing transformations, trying new styles, and bringing them outside of what they normally do to give them an even better look or style than what they are currently rocking.   Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and little girl. Whether it’s going to the park, Frank Buck Zoo, or swimming in the pool, we are always up to something. My husband and I love listening to music and playing video games. Sometimes we will even get someone to watch the little one and run up to Winstar when we are feeling lucky! I always knew going to school in this industry I would thrive being in an environment that has a repeated clientele. I love seeing the same people and being involved in your lives. I love seeing returning faces, but even more I like meeting new ones. This industry is my passion and I don’t plan on doing anything else for a long time.



What does Batman like in his drink? Just Ice. Haha. Hi, my name is Cassy. I have worked here at 4-9s mens salon for almost 3 years. I've done mens hair since I've started my career in this industry. I'm constantly continuing my education especially in mens grooming. Outside of the salon I am a special effects makeup artist at a haunted house and I customize wigs for local queens. Come into the shop for a real experience and not just a hair cut.



Hey! my name is Bobbie. I’ve been in the industry for about 4 years, and a little more beyond my licensed career. I started off doing women’s hair, but once I stepped into the barber side I’ve realized this is where my passion is. Even though I have my cosmetology license only, I’ve been to many barber classes and my aim is to go towards barber school to get that nice straight razor touch. I’m your go to gal if you want some extra love with some cleansing facials and deep scalp conditioning. Loving what you do is rare and that is my motivation to keep my career going and growing. Also I have a dog name Boston, born and raised in Utah, and outside of work I like to chill with a few drinks and play video games.



I have been working in a salon industry for about 6 years. I’ve grown up spending a lot of time through Salons my father worked in as I was raised. It’s been a place to come to unwind, clip away troubles, and create. Hair sculpting and music both always held a great interest, so it didn’t take long for me to decide what kind of path to pave for myself after graduation. Push to be a great stylist, and learn to produce music. Hair stylist in the day, and DJ at night has been becoming more and more my career goal, making fun connections along the way.Videos online has to be one of my earliest, and favorite sources of information regarding; detailed hair tutorials, music production, and track mixing tips. Ogle School of Cosmetology which both parents had graduated from helped place me in my preferred profession. In my free time I’m mostly working on educating myself in both fields and playing video games in between to let myself break away a bit. Visiting friends and family is another preferred way to decompress My plan is to keep pushing forward, learning more and more ways to sharpen my craft.